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General Insurance
New India provides a variety of insurance covers to protect against various perils. Some major covers areenumerated below.

Health Insurance 

The most comprehensive cover includes both out-patient and in-patient treatment anywhere in the world. Group policies for group sizes.

Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance covers injury or death of an individual due to an accident. The Individual has to choose a particular Sum Insured and pay premium accordingly. The table of benefits is as follows :

Death / Loss of Two Limbs / Loss of 2 eyes / Loss of 1 eye & 1 limb or permanent Total disability as certified by a competent Medical Practitioner - Compensation is Capital Sum Insured. Loss of 1 limb or 1 eye - 50% of capital Sum Insured. An exhaustive table of percentages is available for loss of fingers and toes if required.

The above cover can also be extended to temporary Total disablement on payment of extra premium.

Livestock Insurance

New India offers cattle and other Livestock insurance covers against death due to disease or accident. It also offers blood stock insurance for horses.

Money Insurance

This Insurance covers loss of cash whilst being carried or from safe.

Engineering Insurance

New India offers a number of Standard Engineering Insurance policies such as Erection All Risk, Machinery Breakdown, MB Loss of Profits, etc. We also have an Advance Loss of Profits Insurance Policy to be issued in conjunction with Erection All Risk policy.

Workmen Compensation Insurance

This Insurance covers the liability of the employer towards workers for accidents at workplace under law.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

New India can provide cover to any professional (i.e. Lawyer, Doctor, Engineer, etc.) against any liability that may arise against them in pursuit of their profession. It also provides Product Liability, as well as Public Liability insurance to institutions. Directors & Officers Liability policy is one of the latest products to be added to its list of liability covers.

Apart form the above miscellaneous class of insurance also has Fidelity Insurance, Jewelers' Block Insurance, Aviation Insurance, etc.

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