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Personal Insurance

Property Insurance
New India has well designed covers for insuring both Private and Commercial properties against many risks.
It has underwritten risk ranging from small huts to multibillion dollar petrochemical plants.
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake
  • Flood, Storm, Typhoon, etc.
  • Impact damage
  • Burglary
  • Business interruption

The above cover can be given to the following types of risks
  • Residential buildings
  • Offices complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial complexes
  • Factories etc.

How to select the insurable value

The insurable value of an asset should be realistic and having market value. The intrinsic values and sentimental values shall not be considered for insurance purpose.
The relevant information such as the type of construction, occupancy location may be forwarded to for a quote. Please note that inspection of the site may be necessary before giving a final quote.
Motor Insurance
New India provides Comprehensive Motor Insurance in various countries of the world as per the local laws. In Dubai, the Motor Insurance is issued for vehicles registered with RTAs of UAE.
It provides insurances for vehicles ranging from Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Buses and even Mobile Excavators, Mobile Cranes, etc.
Covers available:
  • Comprehensive - which covers any accidental damage, plus the Third Party Liability.
  • Third Party Policy - which covers Third Party Liability only.

How to select the insurable value

Comprehensive Insurance - The invoice value of the vehicle is appropriate for new vehicles. The realistic depreciated value for old vehicles up to 5 years would be adopted. The concept of minimum premium is compulsory.
The online quote can be offered by filling the minimum details on Home Page.
Health Insurance
Your health is our concern.
Various options to suit the purse and mind are offered by us. To select the product and enroll , click here.
Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance covers injury or death of an individual due to an accident. The Individual has to choose a particular Sum Insured and pay premium accordingly. The table of benefits is as follows :

Death / Loss of Two Limbs / Loss of 2 eyes / Loss of 1 eye & 1 limb or permanent Total disability as certified by a competent Medical Practitioner - Compensation is Capital Sum Insured. Loss of 1 limb or 1 eye - 50% of capital Sum Insured. An exhaustive table of percentages is available for loss of fingers and toes if required. The above cover can also be extended to temporary Total disablement on payment of extra premium.

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